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  • Thruster K 9900
    Thruster K 9900
  • BR-7301 O
    BR-7301 O
  • Arrow Power 9000
    Arrow Power 9000
  • BR-8308 Q
    BR-8308 Q
  • Jetspeed-Ahmad-T
  • SH-P9100 D
    SH-P9100 D
  • BR-8308 F
    BR-8308 F
  • Saber Tooth 500
    Saber Tooth 500
  • T-5500 C
    T-5500 C
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Lee Yong-dae


Lee Yong-dae (Hangul: 이용대; Hanja: 李龍大; born September 11, 1988 in Hwasun, Jeollanam-do) is a male badminton player from South Korea. He is considered by many to be a great talent and already a wonderful doubles player. His current partners are Jung Jae-sung in men's doubles  and Lee Hyo-jung in mixed doubles.

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